U-MAX Group LTD is a company with more than ten years professional experience in power tools area with high professional team and engineering background.

Our scope makes customers satisfied with our service and professional work starting from sourcing and testing of the samples in certified testing laboratory, to the after sales service support. We are working with qualified manufacturers and provide strict control from incoming parts to mass production, final inspection quality control and delivery on time.

We can develop your brand together starting from the beginning and grow up together. Develop your OEM or ODM project on every step from the conception design, getting all necessary approval testing and certificates to the mass production and following orders, working tightly with designing company of your choice (local Chinese or foreign), basing our work on the qualified factory models.

At the same time we can supply different levels of power tools, accessories, garden tools under our registered trademark FERANT registered in Germany in 2004, which has high reputation on the market and can be supplied to more then 37 following countries: AM (Armenia), AT (Austria), AZ (Azerbaijan), BG (Bulgaria), BX (Benelux), BY (Belarus), CH (Switzerland), CZ (Czech Republic), DZ (Algeria), ES (Spain), FR (France), HR (Croatia), HU(Hungary), IT (Italy), KZ (Kazakhstan), LV (Latvia), MK (The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), PL (Poland), PT (Portugal), RO (Romania), RU (Russian Federation), Sl (Slovenia), SK (Slovakia), UA (Ukraine), EE (Estonia), GB (United Kingdom), GE (Georgia), GR (Greece), LT (Lithuania), TR (Turkey), DK (Denmark), Fl (Finland), IE (Ireland), SE (Sweden) DZ (Algeria).

If you are a distributor for some BIG Brands or a chain store which is not specializing on the power tools only and your company is interested in buying small quantities with good price and quality� we can supply for you.

Success together !

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*if could be not open in China pls contact to banari@umax-group.com